Patrick Macnee’s Comments – Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Patrick Macnee

During the time I was in Toronto and while I was in Hollywood, I did two Alfred Hitchcock’s – the first one I starred with Lawrence Harvey, one of the most famous in which he feeds his wife, who was played by I can’t remember who, to the chickens as feed. We had 1,600 chickens on the floor at Universal Studios in the year 1958, I think it was and I played a sort of policeman who investigates him, I forgot the actual name, but anyway Larry Harvey was brilliant in it. I remember saying to Sir Alfred, he wasn’t Sir Alfred at that time, Alfred Hitchcock, he was a portly man, with a broad Cockney accent. And I played another one with him in a very wonderful play called Winter something or other. I was so impressed with this wonderful man who had written all these great books. I forgot to learn the lines for my Hitchcock television show playing at the same time and he said, “You don’t know your lines, do you, boy?” And I said, “Oh, I’m so sorry, sir.” “There’s no reason for you to be sorry, I don’t have time to get somebody else. Get it right, get it right.”

Patrick MacneeJune 2001

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season 5, Episode 1
Arthur (Sep. 27, 1959)