Born February 6, 1922, in England, son of racehorse trainer, Daniel “Shrimp” Macnee. Now lives in Southern California. Educated at Summer Fields & Eton. Married and divorced twice. Two children from first marriage: Rupert, a TV producer and Jenny, mother of his grandson, Christopher, born 1988. Married third wife, Baba Sekely, February 1988. Autobiography, “Blind in One Ear,” published in U.K., France, Australia, Canada & USA, 1988-92 and memoir, “The Avengers and Me,” 1998, Titan Books, England, and TV Books, US.

Patrick Macnee’s Work Credits

1940: Scholarship to Webber Douglas Drama School, London
1941: Little Women, play
1942: Entered films as extra in The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
1942-46: Entered Royal Navy, returned to stage and films in 1946
1948: Hamlet, The Fatal Night, The Small Back Room, films

Patrick reflects on “Hamlet”

1949: All Over the Town, film; Macbeth, TV
1950: Dick Barton at Bay, The Elusive Pimpernel (aka The Fighting Pimpernel), The Girl is Mine, films

Patrick reflects on “The Elusive Pimpernel”

1951: Flesh & Blood, A Christmas Carol, film

Patrick reflects on “A Christmas Carol”

1953: Othello, TV
1954: Three Cases of Murder, film
1956: The Battle of the River Plate (aka Pursuit of the Graf Spee), film; A Night to Remember, The Veil, The Importance of Being Ernest, TV.
1952-59: Commuted between UK, America and Canada, where he helped to pioneer Canadian TV, starring in over 30 TV plays; Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Black Saddle, The Twilight Zone, The Virginian, TV
1954: Edinburgh & US tour with Old Vic production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
1957-59: In Hollywood: Les Girls, Until they Sail, Mission of Danger, Destination Nightmare, Jane Eyre , films;  TV credits include 3 Playhouse 90’s, 3 Alfred Hitchcock Presents and over 50 TV appearances in Hollywood and New York

Patrick reflects on “Live Television”

Patrick reflects on “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”

1960-69: Starred in The Avengers on British TV
1969-70: Incense For The Damned, (aka Bloodsuckers), film; Mr. Jerico, TV movie; Night Gallery, TV; The Secretary Bird, play – toured Australia and NZ
1971: Alias Smith and Jones, TV
1972-73: Sleuth, play, 16 months on Broadway and US tour
1973-75: The Secretary Bird, play in Canada
1973: Absurd Person Singular, play, US tour 1973-75; US and British TV includes episodes of Diana, Great Mysteries, Dial M for Murder, Thriller, Columbo: Troubled Waters, Khan, and Caribe
1975: Made in Heaven, play, Chichester Festival Theater, England
1975: Matt Helm, TV
1976-77: Starred in The New Avengers, for British TV (available in the UK in PAL format)
1976: King Solomon’s Treasure, film; Sherlock Holmes in New York, TV
1977: Dead of Night, The Hardy Boy Mysteries, TV
1978: Evening in Byzantium, TV
1979: Billion Dollar Threat, Battlestar Galactica, Stunt Seven (aka Steel Glory), The Littlest Hobo, $weepstake$, TV
1970-80: The Grass is Greener, play on tours in England, Middle East & Canada
1980: The Sea Wolves, Dick Turpin’s Greatest Adventure, The Howling, films; Magnum P. I., TV series
1981: The Hot Touch, Sweet Sixteen, The Creature Wasn’t Nice, (aka Spaceship aka Naked Space), films
1981-82: For The Term Of His Natural Life, Australian TV mini-serie
1982: Rehearsal For Murder, US TV movie; The Return Of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., TV movie; Young Doctors In Love, film; House Guest, play; Australian tour; Gavilan, US TV series
1983: 1st Class, TV travel series, episodes filmed in India and Thailand; This Is Spinal Tap, film; Automan, TV series; TV Vintage Quiz, UK TV series; Empire, TV (CBS) series; Don Juan In Hell, public play readings in Dallas, Texas
1984: Episodes of: Hart to Hart, Murder She Wrote, The Love Boat, US TV series; Ultra Quiz, British TV; subject of This Is Your Life, (Thames); James Bond’s A View To A Kill, Shadey, films; Sleuth, play in Florida
1985: Lime Street, US TV series; episodes of Hotel and Murder She Wrote, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, US TV series; series host (video) on Tales From The Dark Side
1986: Club Med, US TV movie; episodes of Mary (with Mary Tyler Moore), and Blacke’s Magic, US TV; judge on Miss Universe Pageant, TV (filmed in Panama)
1986-87: Starring role in Killing Jessica, play in West End, London
1987: Patrick Macnee Presents Sherlock Holmes, (intros for the Ron Howard TV series); Where There’s A Will, UK TV; Transformations, film
1987-88: Sleuth, play in Toronto, Canada
1988: The Chill Factor, Lobster Man From Mars, Waxwork, films; Around The World In 80 Days, TV mini-series; episodes of The War Of The Worlds, TV; Alfred Hitchcock Presents, TV series; Murphy’s Law, TV; commercials for IBM, Amplex(UK), Swiss Chalet(Canada), Federal Aviation Administration, Sterling Car commercials. (USA); Memoir “Blind in One Ear” published.
1989: The Masque Of The Red Death, The Eye Of The Widow, Scared Silly, films; Sorry, Wrong Number, The Return of Sam McCloud, US TV movies; Blood Sport, Twice Shy, TV series; Blankety-Blank, (game show, BBC-TV; Haunted Hollywood, US TV special
1990: Episode of The Ray Bradbury Theater, US TV; Superforce, TV; The Golden Years Of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Homes and the Leading Lady, Sherlock Homes and the Incident at Victoria Falls (aka Star of Africa) TV mini-series; Christmas with the Stars, TV special
1991: Waxwork 2: Lost In Time, film; The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw and Sherlock Holmes: The Hounds Of London, TV movies; P.S. I Luv U, TV series; French Wine Documentary, Audio Tapes of Ellery Queen, Jack Higgins bestsellers, Peter Mayle’s Toujours Provence and various children’s stories
1992: Dream On, Coach, Jack’s Place, US TV series; Bible readings for CD
1993: Thunder In Paradise, TV movie pilot, 26 episodes with Hulk Hogan, US TV; two episodes of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, US TV; Coach, TV(ABC)
1995: Mysteries, Magic & Miracles, 52 episodes, weekly on Sci-Fi, (1994-1995)
1997: Night Man, Syndicated TV, Spy Game, ABC-TV; Diagnosis Murder, CBS-TV
1998: A&E releases digitally mastered episodes of “The Avengers”. Memoir “The Avengers and Me” (with Dave Rogers) published. “The Avenger Movie” released, ‘invisible’ cameo.
1999: Nancherrow, British TV, Spies On Spies, AMC TV; Horatio Hornblower Short Stories, audio books, Newstar; Day Of Reckoning, by Jack Higgins, Putnam Berkeley Audio tape (bestseller)
2001: Family Law, CBS TV; “Making of … the James Bond films” (narrator), Video/DVD series