The Avengers: The Complete Emma Peel Megaset (2013)

Complete Emma Peel set 2013For North American admirers of The Avengers, October 8th marks the date for the DVD release by Lionsgate of every one of the acclaimed Diana Rigg episodes.

There are those who believe that the first Patrick Macnee / Diana Rigg season, in sparkling black and white, was the high point of The Avengers. Its dazzling design, staging, lighting, inspired writing, and above all the superbly executed, seemingly synchronized performances of Macnee and Rigg, along with a parade of characters, ensured a place in television history. The second season, in glorious colour, was an exciting realization of the wonders of shooting on film, with more locations, more cinematic action sequences, more extraordinary characters and even more imaginative story-telling.

This new collection, featuring a brand-new design based upon the Optimum release in the U.K., comprises 16 DVDs and is attractively priced.