Letter to the Web Site from Patrick Macnee

(Jul 16, 2001)

Dear Friends,

In the months since my Web site has been launched, I have been so gratified to read the mountains of e-mail to my Guest Book. Thank you for your kind words and the wonderful stories about the effect “The Avengers” has had on so many of you.

The fact that these letters have come from all over the world amazes me.

I never realized so many people knew me. From Argentina, France, Germany, Venezuela, England, Ireland, Belgium, Spain as well as all over the United States,

To answer just a few of your questions.

To Melody Ann Clemente — no, I did not know that “The Avengers” would become a classic when we began the show in 1960.

And to Fred, who would wish that Linda Thorson and myself would make a joint appearance at Virgin Bookstore when her episodes are released on cassettes in the fall. — I would hope that too, and look forward to being with Linda again.

And to Raul O’Meara — it was a privilege and pleasure to work on ‘Frasier.’

There are two major things that have happened to me in the last few years.

Firstly, thanks to modern technology, we have been able to show “The Avengers”, digitally restored, on cassette and DVD, and broadcast all over the world.

We found the original film packed away in a storage facility London and now, through the wonders of technology, these magnificently-restored shows can be seen by all of you.

Even going back to the original live T.V. reruns, with Honor Blackman, from 1961. I never dreamed in those years that the show would last this long. To see Dame Diana Rigg, now one of the top classical actresses, as a 24-year-old, throwing men over her shoulders, is one of the most delectable sights I’ve ever seen.

Shortly, the Linda Thorson episodes will be available on video and DVD in the U.S. by A & E Network. These were some of the best shows we ever made and they ran worldwide for 3 years. Look for the release date on my Web site!

And after that there will be the release of “The New Avengers” starring Gareth Hunt and Joanna Lumley, (now playing in “Absolutely Fabulous”). To see Joanna recently outside 10 Downing Street, waving a banner about “Foot & Mouth Disease”, summed up her passion for animals and reveals the woman she is and that I know — one of the dearest, most involved women anywhere. It was a privilege to work with her way back in 1976.

The second important change in my life is this new Web site. Now I can communicate with friends all over the world, and we can share a global conversation, about anything we choose —

Please continue writing — through one of your letters, I was able to contact my former commanding officer in Motor Torpedo Boats in the North Sea and English Channel during WWII. We had not spoken in over 50 years and had a wonderful time exchanging news and memories.

As for my other activities during the past few months —

One of my great joys these days is recording audio books.

Jack Higgins’ latest thriller, Edge of Danger, was my latest and to my delight, this edition has been on the Publishers’ Weekly bestseller list for two months . Recently, Jack called me to request that I record his next book too. More details to come later.

In February, I guest-starred on the hugely popular TV show, “Frasier.” It was great fun to work with such professional actors as Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde-Pierce and their co-stars. The cast and the crew were terrific and so many of them are “Avengers” fans too. I was almost overwhelmed by their kind comments.

To top it off, Sir Derek Jacobi was making his American network television debut in the same episode. I’ve been a fan of his work since before “I, Claudius” and it was a great delight to meet him.

That is all my news for now, but we will continue to keep updating you on my activities, so please come back often to the site. Once again, thank you for your interest and kind words.

With much appreciation,
Patrick Macnee