Celebrating Patrick Macnee’s 92nd birthday with a brand new look

We are celebrating Patrick Macnee’s 92nd birthday with a brand new look. First introduced in 2001, we felt things needed a little sprucing up. We will be introducing new features during the coming months. We plan to provide exciting new content and make a range of new items available. We look forward to your reaction, your criticisms and your questions.

The Avengers: The Complete Emma Peel Megaset (2013)

Complete Emma Peel set 2013For North American admirers of The Avengers, October 8th marks the date for the DVD release by Lionsgate of every one of the acclaimed Diana Rigg episodes.

There are those who believe that the first Patrick Macnee / Diana Rigg season, in sparkling black and white, was the high point of The Avengers. Its dazzling design, staging, lighting, inspired writing, and above all the superbly executed, seemingly synchronized performances of Macnee and Rigg, along with a parade of characters, ensured a place in television history. The second season, in glorious colour, was an exciting realization of the wonders of shooting on film, with more locations, more cinematic action sequences, more extraordinary characters and even more imaginative story-telling.

This new collection, featuring a brand-new design based upon the Optimum release in the U.K., comprises 16 DVDs and is attractively priced.

Avengers Trading Cards

Patrick is please to offer thirty autographed The Avengers trading cards from his personal collection. You can find them on the Cards page. Note that there is only one of each available.

Cool Britannia Indeed

To celebrate a banner year in Great Britain – the Queen’s 60th, the Olympic Games, and the 50th anniversary of The Avengers” – we are offering autographed copies ofThe Avengers: The Inside Story, written by Patrick Macnee and Dave Rogers.

This was Patrick’s second book (previously titled The Avengers and Me) where he explains how “The Avengers” was created and reveals the secrets behind the breakthroughs that allowed the series to become an international hit. The book also features contributions from many of the key figures involved in the production. It’s fascinating reading!

This book is now out of print, and we’re making it available as a personalized memento from Patrick.

Included is a free autographed 8×10 colour photo of Patrick.


Order now, supplies are limited.

Patrick Turns 90 – Celebrates With Family

On the occasion of his 90th birthday, Patrick would like to express his thanks for the very kind wishes he has received from around the world. He is spending the day with his grandson and the family in Rancho Mirage, California; there will be a cake!

Chichester Weekend A Smashing Success

The Celebration of The Avengers at the University of Chichester occurred June 25-26. By all accounts it was a great success! As it was happening, Patrick viewed the galleries of photographs of his former colleagues that were flooding in all weekend. He was very excited.

Patrick Macnee’s introduction to The Avengers 50th weekend

Chichester2011Patrick’s video that was presented on the University of Chichester Avengers Weekend, June 25 & 26, 2011.

Avengers Weekend – June 25-26, 2011

Fifty years ago – on January 7th 1961, the first episode of The Avengers was broadcast. On February 9th, 1961 – The Beatles made their debut at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, England. A coincidence? Or was that year truly the moment when the grey England of the 1950′s bloomed into something way more colourful?

In any event, the University of Chichester in Sussex, UK, will on the weekend of June 25-26, 2011 be holding The Avengers Celebration. It looks like it will be a lot of fun.

The Avengers 50th Anniversary Celebration Trailer

Media Production – Avengers 50th
from University of Chichester
A brief insight into the The Avengers 50th Anniversary Celebration held at the University of Chichester.
The event was the biggest reunion of cast & crew members in 40 years and took place 25th – 26th June 2011.

Patrick’s Interview – Dec 4, 2010

Next year will be the 50th anniversary of The Avengers. With the publication of The Avengers: A Celebration and producer Jaz Wiseman’s newly minted series of DVD box sets now being released in the UK (Series 6 was released Dec 6, 2010), there have been several requests for interviews. Read the PDF version of an interview with Patrick, published in The Times of London (Playlist), 4-10 Dec 2010.