Brian Horace Clemens (1931 – 2015)

I was saddened to hear about Brian Clemens’ passing on 10 January 2015. A supremely successful writer for film and TV, he became the heart and soul of The Avengers, (and later The New Avengers), as the show moved from multi camera live-to-air and videotape, to single camera film.

Two weeks’ ago, just before Christmas, Brian and I had a delightful chat. Among other things we discussed the idea of colourizing the 1964 black and white Emma Peel season. Brian always looked at the big picture.

He was a pioneer. As a writer and story-editor, Brian’s inspired thinking created a strange world for his characters to inhabit. As a producer he assembled the best of Britain’s creative talent to make The Avengers one of the hottest television shows to ever come out of the UK. His uniquely comic view of the dynamics of British society, and his wry understanding of important cultural and technological trends, fueled the successful export and distribution of our show to America, and to the World. The Avengers were a key ingredient in the British Invasion. He was one of my best friends.