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Patrick’s Personal Touch

There is a need — normally unacknowledged by me — to trace back one’s parentage and delve into one’s ancestral history.

Welcome to patrickmacnee.com. We’re glad you are here and encourage you to learn more about an actor who has delighted film and stage audiences and who is known throughout the world for his starring role as John Steed in the long-running hit television series “The Avengers”.

We’d also like to encourage you to be part of a community that appreciates Patrick Macnee’s unique and encyclopedic view of life. This site serves as a meeting place for admirers of a career as an actor that now extends for over fifty years.

Remember, we’d like to hear from you and hope that you’ll be entertained, informed and inspired by what you experience here at patrickmacnee.com.

The Avengers: The Complete Emma Peel Megaset (2013)

For North American admirers of The Avengers, October 8th marks the date for the DVD release by Lionsgate of every one of the acclaimed Diana Rigg episodes.

There are those who believe that the first Patrick Macnee / Diana Rigg season, in sparkling black and white, was the high point of The Avengers.

Gracious Thoughts

Simon Jansen

Dear Mr Macnee, earlier this year you signed a photograph for me for which I am very grateful. You may be interested to know exactly what that photograph was for. I have made a John Steed marionette in honour of you and the enjoyment I have had watching you playing Steed in the Avengers.

Simon JansenNew Zealand
Ray Clarke

Patrick I can only say the same as many others, thanks for the entertainment you gave me in my younger years. I have a large collection of The Avengers plus your book to enjoy. Thanks and take care.

Ray ClarkeUK
Nick Palliser

I’ve always thought Patrick was the essence of British stage and acting. I still do after watching him since the 60s. Glad to see his material is on DVD and still being released. Cheers Patrick and all the best.

Nick PalliserCanada
Sheba Erickson

You were my first crush and still are. I use to race home to see The Avengers. You are a truly brilliant actor in your own class. Thank you for blessing us with all your performances. I wish you nothing but the best.

Sheba EricksonUSA